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5 octobre 2017


While most artists tend to focus their social media marketing efforts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, could it be that the typically more ‘business’ focused LinkedIn has promotional potential for musicians?

A guest post. This article was originally published by music distribution service Ditto Music 

When it comes to social networking, upcoming bands and artists tend to focus on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where their current fans and new listeners are most likely to engage with their music. But what about LinkedIn? Is it worth your time as a musician?

First of all, LinkedIn isn’t the best place to be reaching your fans with links to your tracks or glossy press shots. It is however, a great place to make music industry contacts that can help to develop your career in the long term.

While it may not directly grow your fanbase, the platform does offer the opportunity to start appearing on the radar of influential industry figures. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits LinkedIn can offer independent, emerging musicians.

LinkedIn for bands & musicians

Finding industry connections

LinkedIn is brimming with potential music industry connections, but I’m not talking about spamming record label execs with your latest tracks. In fact, sending your new EP to a label employee over LinkedIn is not a particularly good idea.

I’m talking about the people who can do the jobs that you make not have the technical ability or experience to do yourself. From graphic designers, photographers, web developers and social media gurus, to sound techs, promoters and producers, there are plenty of useful, professional connections to be made.

These are the people who can transform your image, polish your tracks and expand your reach. And yes, you’ll need to pay them for their services, but doing so is an investment in your music.

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