– Metadata Explained And 7 Key Reasons Songwriters Should Manage It Themselves –

23 septembre 2017


Although the term is thrown around often as an issue which needs fixing in the music business, particularly where streaming is concerned, what it is and why it’s important for songwriters to manage their own is often unclear. Here we work to explain those details.

Guest post by Niclas Molinder of the Music Rights Awareness Foundation and Auddly

This is a guest post by Niclas Molinder, founder of Music Rights Awareness Foundation and Auddly, the song data management hub that enables music creators to manage their rights.

Metadata, especially a lack of it, is a hot topic in the music industry at the moment, but what does this issue really mean for you as a songwriter?

The process of writing songs, releasing songs and doing song-related business has changed rapidly in the digital world. It’s a jungle of possibilities and pitfalls, with both independent and signed songwriters having an incredible amount of options. Regardless of who you are and what choices you make in your career, staying in control of your song data is the key to being in charge of your work, getting what you’re owed and saving yourself a lot of hassle.

0001Essentially, metadata is all of the data connected to all your songs. On the creative side, it’s your audio files, lyrics, versions etc. On the rights side, it’s the information regarding who you created the song with, the title, the split and the codes that verify it. It’s estimated that approximately 25% of all songwriting revenue is lost because this data is unmatched, incomplete or missing. Even if one person involved in the song gets the data right, someone else may register other incorrect information, meaning no one gets paid because no one knows the correct info. It’s a mess. The great news is that it’s completely preventable.

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