– Martin Bandier calls for songwriter credits on streaming services –

30 juin 2017

Sony/ATV boss Martin Bandier has called for streaming services to prominently show the names of songwriters, just as clearly as artists.

The comments were made during his acceptance speech for the Lifetime Service Award at the National Music Publishers’ Association’s (NMPA) Centennial Annual Meeting in New York yesterday.

Bandier said the music business had become “more complex and more challenging than ever before” for songwriters and music publishers, who are not receiving an “equitable share” of the money being generated by streaming services.

“The fruits of our labor are not being equitably rewarded and we are not benefitting from the streaming revolution as meaningfully as we should,” he said.

“Far too often the songwriter’s contribution is overlooked or even forgotten. This is even more prevalent today on the leading music streaming services.”

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