– 4 Essential Tips To Optimize Videos For Mobile Screens –

27 juin 2017

As the future of video continues its move into our pockets, all artists and musicians should keep in mind how their videos will play on a mobile platform. Here we look at four different tips for optimizing your video to make sure it will hold up to a phone or tablet.

Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

One of the things that we have to be aware of when making a video these days is how it will play on a mobile device. Here’s an excerpt from the YouTube chapter of my Social Media Promotion For Musicians book that provides 4 tips to make sure that your video is effective on a phone or tablet.

“Mobile viewers watch videos a lot longer than they do on their desktops. In order to maintain that attention, it’s important to observe the following:

1. Avoid using tiny text. Make sure that any text you use is readable on any screen that the video might be viewed on, especially a smartphone.

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