– How to… Get your Artists to Play at Festivals this Summer –

10 février 2017

Summer may feel a long way away but booking for the festival season has already begun.

Experienced managers with artists that have toured the festival circuit on more than one occasion will be well aware that planning a trail around the world’s best outdoor music events is a task as big as any in an act’s career. For those that might be looking at festivals for the first time, we’ve asked a handful of experts in the field to outline key things to consider as you start to jockey for position with bookers.

If possible, get an agent on board

As the ‘CEOs’ of their artists’ businesses, the remit of the manager is wider than it ever has been. While managers are taking on more responsibilities from A&R to release, it still pays to bring in certain specialists at key points in a campaign.

When it comes to an artist’s live career, having a good agent on side is still incredibly valuable. As General Manager of The Association of Independent Festivals Paul Reed puts it, “In an ideal world every artist would be able to send an email to a booker and get a slot. In reality, we know that’s not how the business works.

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