– BAM! Complete Guide to Entering the United States to Perform/Guide sur comment tourner aux U.S.A. –

4 février 2017

A Step by Step Guide for Foreign Artists

You’ve obtained a contract to perform in the United States and now you need to

know what steps to take to get into the country to perform your contractual

obligations. Entering the United States to perform is a lengthy and complicated

process with many steps along the way and many hurdles to overcome. In the

eyes of the American bureaucracy, you are a non-resident alien (NRA) and you

need to prove your qualifications to be allowed to enter the country to perform as

a foreigner who is supplanting American artists. The good news is that the

process can be successful with the assistance of a U.S.-based petitioner who can

take all the necessary steps to ensure that the application to work in the United

States, along with the necessary evidence, is submitted appropriately in a timely


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