– Spotify has already paid the music business over $1.2bn this year –

4 octobre 2016


Spotify has announced that its lifetime payments to the music business have now topped $5bn.

The news came as the streaming platform confirmed its invite-only launch in Japan.

What’s particularly interesting about the new milestone is that it was only 15 months ago – in June 2015 – that Spotify announced it had paid the music business $3bn in total.

Across the intervening 15 month period, then, Spotify has shelled out a monthly average of $133.3m to rights-holders, or around $4.4m every single day.

Using that monthly average, we can estimate that Spotify has paid rights-holders comfortably in excess of $1.2bn in the nine calendar months of 2016 so far alone.

These are most definitely conservative estimates, as 2016 has seen Spotify accelerate its subscriber base like never before.



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